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Hệ thống sửa chữa bo mạch Martin EXPERT 10.6 IV

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Expert 10.6 IV

410 W Rework station with IR under-heating system (80 x 60 mm²) and automated SMD placement process by Auto Vision Placer (AVP) incl. software EASYSOLDER 07 and DBL 06 control unit with six high-resolution sensors inputs for thermocouples (Type K). This unit is particularly suitable for small PCBs found in smartphones and PDAs with fine-pitch components in varying package dimensions.

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DB00.1068 EXPERT 10.6 IV

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  • Tool set for dispensing, placing, residual solder removal and soldering with magazine
  • Set of placement nozzles (BGA/CSP) 3 mm, 5 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm
  • Set of soldering nozzles (CSP/QFN), 9 mm, 11 mm 13 mm, 16 mm
  • Set of soldering nozzles (SO) 10x15 mm², 15x25 mm²
  • Placement nozzle for manual placement of small components (0,5 mm)
  • Two camera lenses (BGA und CSP)
  • Two thermocouple sensors (type K)
  • Two PCB magnet holder 40.5 mm (standard)
  • PCB support rail 40.5 mm
  • Two PCB clips to install at hand rest
  • Foot switch
  • Rework ABC and manual
  • Intuitive software EASYSOLDER 07 with touch integration

Technical details

Power consumption:

1000 VA  
Power solder pen: 300 W, 35 l/min  
Power under-heating system: 110 W, 2 x IR-lamps  
Size under-heating system: 80 x 60 mm²  
Max. PCB size: 100 x 80 mm²  
Resolution motion system: 0,001 mm  
Placement accuracy: ± 0,015 mm (Flip Chip)*
  ± 0,030 mm (CSP)
  ± 0,040 mm (BGA)
High resolution CMOS-camera: 5 Mio. Pixel, USB2  
Camera field of view (FOV): 14 x 18 mm² (Flip Chip)*
  28 x 37 mm² (CSP)
  37 x 50 mm² (BGA)
Mains: 1 Phase, 230VAC, Fuse 16A  
Pressurized air: 5-8 bar, 100 l/min clean, dry air
Dimensions: 865 x 460 mm²  
    * Optional extras


Device flyer 1.2 MB  Download

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SF64.0501 Tool Shuttle 32mm

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SF64.0525 Dip Tool 0.08mm with squeegee

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SF64.0526 Dip Tool 0.15mm with squeegee

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Martin-1200-Dip Tool 0.22mm with squeegee

SF64.0527 Dip Tool 0.22mm with squeegee

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Martin-1200-Print Tool with squeegee for tool shuttle 32, 40

SF64.0520 Print Tool with squeegee

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