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Mã sản phẩm: AquaPur 1000
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AquaPur 1000


AquaPur 1000

The Bungard AquaPur 1000 is a modern and compact system for cleaning the rinsing water in a PCB laboratory, e.g. the rinse water from an etching or a PTH-machine (PTH = Plating through hole) . The system can also be used for the cleaning the rinsing water from steel cliche etching process in the printing industry. After a rough and a fine filter the  AquaPur1000 has two columns of mixed bed resin ion exchanger to remove both metallic cations and anions from the water. This way all your rinsing water regulations are easily met. No further use of chemicals or special expert staff  to e.g adjust ph-level is necessary. As part of a closed cycle of recyclable resources, the used ion exchange columns in this device can be recycled and reusable materials are recovered from the waste water.

AquaPur Rinse-Water-Treatment-Machine for Closed-Loop-System

removes heavy metals and solids
reduces the chemical oxygen demand
integrated dual particle filter (10 microns) on magnetic centrifugal pump
2 large-sized ion exchange columns
integrated conductivity meter
for treatment of etch and galvanic rinsing water
closed water cycle possible
integrated collection tank for 250 litres of waste water
AquaPur1000 0002

The system operates in direct recycle process with the respective spray zones of the etching or PTH-machine. The pump pressure and the flow rate can be regulated. The rinse water of the etching or PTH machine is conducted via a pipe system by gravity into the storage tank of the plant. A powerful pump presses the water back into the rinsing zone. Via a bypass part of the water is pumped through the regeneration cycle. The amount can be adjusted by a diaphragm valve and read on the flow meter. In the filter unit, the solids are bound and  in the ion exchanger the metallic cations and the anions. A conductivity meter displays the load status of the first column. The second ion exchange column is connected in series with the first, so only fully loaded columns must be replaced and at the same time a ion breakthrough is prevented
The loaded column or only the mixed bed resin can be regenerated in service by Bungard Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG.

AquaPur1000 0003
1L of mixed bed resin cleans - depending on the rinsing system - up to 20 litres of loaded rins water per hour.

aquapur rohrsystem

Technical Informationen

Power connection:

208/240 V 1 Phase 50/60 Hz

Power consumption:

approx. 300W

Dimensions LXWXH:

1100 x 800 x 1500mm³


approx. 110 kg


PVC, PP, Titanium


250 l

Ionexchanger Columns:

2 St. a. 14 L.

Pump pressure:

approx. 1,4 bar

Flow rate:

approx. 3000 l/h

Flow rate ion exchanger:

approx. 250 l/h

On request, we adjust for you to:

measuring device
tank size
Size of the ion exchange columns
Filtration rating
pump capacity

Technical changes reserved.