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Máy quét kem hàn printALL210XL

Máy quét kem hàn printALL210XL
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The semi-automatic stenil printer printALL210XL is the largest of the range. It was espcially constructed for the handling of oversized PCBs. FRITSCH argues about a maximum PCB size up to 1240 x 600 m

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Semi-automatic stencil-printer printALL210XL

The semi-automatic stenil printer printALL210XL is the largest of the range. It was espcially constructed for the handling of oversized PCBs. FRITSCH argues about a maximum PCB size up to 1240 x 600 mm. Conditioned by the size the integration of a vacuum table is possible and a safe and smooth intake of PCBs and foils is guaranted.

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Quick Setup

The flexible PCB intake enables the stencil printer to be set up within only a few minutes. The adaptions to a different frame format can be made without tools. The optional test print frame reduces the minmial set up time once again.

Quick change frame

Common, sturdy aluminium frames and other usual quick change systems such as Stencilman, VectorGuardTM and Zelflex or the like are used without the need for further adaptions.

That enables the printing of the smallest of PCBs up to a maximum printing surface of 560 x 460 mm.

Double squeegee

The stencil printer has a double squeegee for flawless paste printing in both directions. The paste is applied within the double squeegee and is thus appliable in both directions.The contact pressure of the squeegee can be set by a screw. The angel of the squeegee is adjustable from 45° up to 90°.

Motor-driven print

The optional microprocessor controller controls the lowering of the motoric squeegee, controls the motor-driven print and makes sure the print is even and reproducible. After printing, the table is automatically lowered over the pneumatic cyclinder in a parallel position and the printer can be opened.

All processor-controlled functions of the printer are handled by an optimized intuitive Touch Display. There is also the possibility to save product-specific programs. So the production can start only by choosing the accordant program.

Flexible PCB fixture

The PCBs are fixed by easily adjustable magnet fixtures. The fixture can thus be adapted to a different PCB within a few seconds.

The fixtures and supports included in delivery enable the printing of PCBs on one or two sides.

Table lowering

The parallel table lowering ensures clean printing results even in the case of large PCBs. A smearing of the printed layout is thus part of the past.

With the optional control, the lowering automatically takes place after the PCB has been printed.

Highest precision

Its stable set up is the basis for today’s requirements of fulfilling the high demands of production quality. This is also safeguarded when the smallest of chips and fine structures come into use.

Conic centering pins guarantee high repeat accuracy and also make fine pitch prints with a grid pattern of 0.5 mm possible.

Maintenance and cleaning

Both the stencil and the squeegee itself can be easily cleaned by simply opening the squeegee unit.

The squeegee unit can be locked into the open position so that both hands are free for cleaning it.


In the case of fine structures in particular, the vision system alleviates the positioning of the stencil and thus increases the accuracy of the print. The vision system has two freely adjustable cameras which are assembled above the print frame. The cameras are positioned by using one hand without tools. When removing or putting in the PCB, the camera system rotates with the tension frame. The whole visionsystem can be displaced for cleaning the squeegee or refill the welding paste without the need to be adjusted again.

Compressed-air frame holder

This option makes it possible to open the stencil printer by pressing a button.As two hands are needed for that procedure, maximum working security is ensured

Prototype Frame

No standard stencils are manufactured for the likes of prototypes or small series. Instead of that, small stencils are made available that are only a few millimetres larger than the PCBs. With the prototype frame, precisely such stencils can also be fixed and coated professionally. For smaller stencils, there is a hand scraper included; larger stencils (> 250mm) can be manufactured as usual.

Vacuum table

The vacuum table serves as a safe fixating of foils or thin PBCs. The table is fixed with magnets in the printing area. So, it is possible to change fasten between solid PBC and flexboard without using any tools. 

Vacuum option

Every vacuum aspirator has a stroke of 3 mm especially for small or very warped PBCs. This guarantees to hold the PBCs on a defined printing height. The aspirators can be positioned freely and are regulated by the control mode. 

  • Technical data printALL210XL:

    • Max. PCB size: 1240 x 600 mm
    • Max. stencil size: 1420 x 750 x 43 mm
    • Max. printing area: 1170 x 630 mm
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