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Máy sấy PCB Bungard SprintDryer

Mã sản phẩm: Bungard SprintDryer
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The SprintDryer can be connected in any way to any type of sprint, with a suitable dryer available for each throughput width of the Sprint series. Of course, you can also use the  SprintDryer together with the DL500 or as a stand-alone-unit with or without an underframe and with or without an inlet or outlet table. 
First the wet board is pre-dryed in two squeeze zones. After that the board is completely dried in a hot-air stream. The cross flow fan with integrated heating element generates uniform laminar airflow across the whole working width. 
The board runs automatically through the drying zones of the SprintDryer.
The speed of the roller drive is continuously adjustable in a wide range. Special beard roller assures a uniform transport of the PCB through the machine. The construction of the rollers allows drying boards with different thicknesses.



  • continuous drying
  • Variable transport speed
  • Suitable for different board thickness
  • Low surface temperature
  • Short heating-up time
  • Huge area capacity
  • Table model
  • High grade processing

 PDF, 700 KB PDF-Manual

Thông số kỹ thuật:


SprintDryer 3000

SprintDryer 4500

SprintDryer 6000

Động rộng PCB:

300 mm

450 mm

600 mm

Chiều dầy PCB:

0,2 - 4 mm

0,2 - 4 mm

0,2 - 4 mm

Chiều dài PCB min :

80 mm 80 mm 80 mm

Tốc độ:

0 - 2.0 m /min 0 - 2.0 m /min 0 - 2.0 m /min

Thời gian gia nhiệt:

15 s 15 s 15 s

Kích thước (LxWxH):

490 x 630 x 750 mm
(1150 mm with underframe)
490 x 700 x 750 mm
(1150 mm with underframe)
490 x 850 x 750 mm
(1150 mm with underframe)

Trọng lượng :

ca. 40 kg ca. 60 kg ca. 80 kg

Nguồn cấp :

230 V AC / 50/60 Hz 230 V AC / 50/60 Hz 230 V AC / 50/60 Hz

Công suất:

3500 W 3500 W 3500 W

Dải nhiệt độ:

0 - 62 °C adjustable 0 - 62 °C adjustable 0 - 62 °C adjustable

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