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PCB Delamination

PCB Delamination
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Thông tin chi tiết

What Is the Precision Material Removal System?

The PMRS is a Package of processes and equipment designed to effectively and quickly delaminate multilayer PCBs and also remove conformal coatings in preparation for imaging on the ScanFAB™ system.  The PMRS is a tool designed to complement ScanCAD's diverse family of Reverse Engineering products. 


Micro-Abrasive Blasting

One of the most effective and safest methods to remove the substrate material from a multi-layer Printed Circuit Board is micro-abrasive blasting or 'MicroBlasting'.  With micro-abrasive blasting, the task or removing the substrate material is fast, safe, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective.  It supports careful control over the process to eliminate damage to delicate features, such as small traces/pads.  Many kinds of substrate material such as FR4, Polyamide, Rogers and Thumont can easily and quickly be removed.  Using the PMRS for PCB Delamination application does not require highly trained personnel when using ScanCAD's step-by-step procedures and training videos.

The Process

The process includes clear step-by-step guidance on how to use our complete, self-contained, delamination system combined with a variety of accessories and the proper abrasive powder and nozzles to provide excellent PCB delamination and conformal coating removal results.  The process has been carefully tested and proven to work, eliminating guess work and costly mistakes.




Why use the PMRS Tool?

This process is powerful and accurate and reduces the risk of damage to components, connections, and PCB features such as external and internal layers with fine traces & spaces. Workflows, videos and documentation are included for training purposes.


Benefits of the PMRS Tool

  •  Accurate: Process the smallest trace & spaces safely
  •  Fast: Much faster than previous techniques
  •  Flexible: Multipurpose – PCBs, Components, etc. 
  •  Eliminate: Mess & contamination concerns
  •  Easy: Simple step by step procedure
  •  Safe: Advanced HEPA filter built into the unit
    Versatile: Can also be used for multiple applications, such as:
                    Conformal Coating Removal
                    Small Parts Deburring
                    Polishing and Cleaning

Abrasive Media and the Right Mix

The type of abrasive power used has the most significant impact on the tool's effectiveness.  The size, hardness and shape of the individual particles give each type of powder unique characteristics.

Substrate Types:      FR4        Polyamide           Rogers         Thurmont

With each new application, the factors below are tested with nozzle and powder selections.  The formula that works best will be determined by:
                             1. Type of substrate material or conformal coating to be removed

                             2. Thickness of the coating

                             3. Type of base product the coating is covering.

Once the correct combination is archieved, keeping these parameters constant is easy - producing repeatable and consistent results.


Electro Static Discharge (ESD) Control  

The ESD Model combines the standard PMRS workstation, dust collector, and the ESD controls into a single compact unit.

Military, consumer and industrial applications alike often involve devices that are sensitive to and can be damaged by exposure to Electro-Static Discharge (ESD).  An ionizer bar with a series of electode probes that continously emit a flow of charged ions into an air stream flowing out from around each of the nozzles.  This flow of highly ionized air floods the system's work area and quickly neutralizes any surface charges.

To further reduce the build-up of ESD, the system includes the following accessories:  edge-connector grounding bar, needle probe, grounded hand piece and conductive nozzles.

The Patented modulator feed system provides a very consistent stream of abrasive material from the nozzle.  This is critical because any variation in abrasive flow will impact how deep the process cuts.  Modulated feed is an ideal for this challenge.

The special gate valve on the media dispensing unit produces a fast response when starting and stopping the abrasive flow.  This design improves the longevity and durability of the systems and avoids having to pinch the abrasive hose with causes wear or to use a sacrificial tube, which will wear very quickly. 

Black Lights
Black lights come in as standard tools for the ESD Control PMRS Model.  Designed for those coatings that are easily visible under ultra-violet lighting.



Technical Specifications *


  •  The PMRS System comes in 2 Models:  
                     1. Standard Model  
                     2. ESD Control Model

    Advanced downdraft HEPA filter  - 500 SCFM
  •  99.97% filtration efficiency on 0.3 micron-sized particles
  •  Ergonomic design reduces operator fatigue
  •  Size/weight: 30”Wx46”Hx34”D / 170 lbs  (77.3 Kgs)
  •  Interior space: 24” wide X 14” deep X 10” high (approx.)
  •  Window: Tempered glass opening (hinged) 23”X11”
  •  Sound level: 68 dBa
  •  CE & RoHS Compliant
115V/60Hz 4 amp or 230V/50Hz 2 amp
80 psi air supply of 4 SCFM required 
PMRS System includes:
Integrated Hardware and Accessories
Proper abrasive powder & nozzles for PCB’s
Starndard supplies included
ScanCAD training materials – videos, workflows
ESD Control Model includes:
IBlack Lights
Edge-connector grounding bar
Needle Probe
Grounded hand piece and conductive nozzles
Ionizer bar
Patented modulator feed system

The following are trademarks of the indicated companies: ScanFAB™ is a trademark of ScanCAD International, Inc. *All specifications and designs subject to change without notice.*


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